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Listening to: Neil Young “Harvest Moon” (he’s Canadian, eh! dontchaknow)


Today was a good day! Work was busy, even though I slept terribly last night (woke up constantly and had nightmares!) I was up early and at my desk before 8am (a rarity), my housemate Carmel is back from her Christmas break so the house is bustling again! The work day flew by and then when I was leaving the office (it has no windows) the best part of the day happened. It took a few seconds for me to realize that IT WAS BRIGHT!!! It was bright until after 4.45pm. I couldn’t believe it. It completely crept up on me, and took me by surprise but I’m so happy! The dark, cold evenings can get very depressing so when you just have to contend with one of those elements it is easier to deal.

It was a beautiful, cold & clear day in Vancouver. Coming home from work over the Cambie bridge I could see the pink sky to my right where the sun had set-the sun sets here are pretty spectacular.


Following new years (I’ll be doing a back post on Christmas & New Years) I have made some resolutions. One of which was to blog more often, which I’m hoping to stick to! Another one (which is a total cliche) is to try to improve my habits and lifestyle in order to feel healthier, look better & just improve my general well being. I used to be pretty conscious about the food I put into my body and I feel in the last few years I’ve really let that slip. You have to be so careful these days when you’re buying anything because you never know what ingredients are in some things! <rant> An example of this is Danone yogurts-I checked the ingredients of their Activia yogurts and they contain gelatine! I’m no yogurt guru, but there is absolutely no reason to put gelatine in. None of my favourite yogurts ( & contain it, in fact they tend to only have a few ingredients and they are delicious! </rant>

Random yoga picture from Google

Anyway, I just really want to become more health conscious again and cut down on a lot of my unhealthy habits. One of the things I REALLY want to get back into is yoga. I’ve always loved it and after college I was pretty good as I was practicing regularly. Yoga here is a little expensive and since I’m on a budget, I’m seeking out free/cheap yoga classes! Lululemon  have free classes in their stores, and there’s one 5 minutes walk down the street from me. Tonight I went to a Meditative Yin Yoga class and loved it! It’s a practice I’ve never tried and I enjoyed it. It involves the normal stretching, but once in the positions you stay in them for longer periods of time and deepen your breathing. The teacher also had some kind of instrument that made a ringing noise. It’s really hard to explain, but it was like a big glass jar that he ran a wooden staff around the inside. It was really relaxing. I will be going back next week-I feel really mellow but also like I worked some muscles. I’ll keep you updated on my hunt for cheap/free classes! I talked to a woman at the end of class and she gave me some tips on other locations.

Sometimes after a tough week, or after a great week for that matter the universe has a way of whispering “psst, look around you”. There are a lot of amazing things in the world (pink sunset, nearly full moon a clear sky) and a lot of cool things I could be doing with the time I waste watching TV, on the Internet. I sometimes find it hard to see the wood for the trees, and I get a bit lost (everyone does, I’m sure). Today was a day that momentarily snapped me out of that. There are endless possibilities.


Stay cool.

Amers x

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