in my ears

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I’ve been listening to so much Radiohead recently. They’re a band that have always been up there as one of my favourites, but they kind of dropped off my radar for awhile-somewhere in between Kid A, Amnesiac & Hail To The Thief. I’m back in love. I’ve been listening to In Rainbows & King of Limbs almost on repeat. Love, Love LOVE so many songs off both albums. Their performance on SNL was pretty cool too-Lotus Flower was a bit dodgy vocally,  but Staircase was muchos better.  Radiohead Live From The Basement is my main blogging music! Sadly I’ve never seen them live-I had tickets, but I was in Thailand so had to sell them. FINGERS CROSSED they tour with King of Limbs.

"Bedroom Music" courtesy of

Ooh also, Mastodon have a new album out “The Hunter” and I’m going to see them live next weekend! Yay 🙂



the rosé & the prawn

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My last trip to Portland was about a month ago and it was filled with all the usual things I love about it-great company, delicious food & some (ok, maybe a little more than some) drinks. We went for sushi-no, let me rephrase that-we went for the BEST sushi I’ve ever eaten at Unfortunately, I don’t really like saké, I don’t know enough about it and I’ve tried some that are just too strong for me. Zilla has a really impressive saké menu though! I instead opted for a teeny bopper, flavoured drink that was kind of like a Japanese Smirnoff Ice (I had asked for flavoured saké which I’ve seen on TV) but the waitress kind of fobbed me off with this. Anyway, the hamachi nigiri melted in my mouth like butter-sooo good.  The roll had really thinly sliced pieces of lemon in them-including the rind. This gave a powerful lemon flavor that was really fresh without being overpoweringly zesty!

Zilla Saké

During the trip we also ate a Bar Lola which is a really nice tapas restaurant. They have a really simple salad of really thinly sliced romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, croutons & a really tangy, lemony vinagerette. It’s so simple, but so delicious. I tried to recreate it when I got home but it wasn’t the same. They also have prawns (I don’t usually like prawns) but these prawns are drenched in garlicky, spicy oil & butter so I can’t resist have one. The star of the show for me this time was the wine I was drinking. I ordered a glass of rosé and when the waitress brought the glass to the table, I thought she’d gotten my order wrong. The rosé was a deep ruby colour! It was very pretty! After dinner we went to a bar nearby which was definitely my type of bar. It was a kind of dive bar,  that was playing music I was really into. The bar tender was really friendly and the drinks were cheap. They also had a photo booth! Definitely took advantage of that and have some funny snaps from later in the night.

I love eating out (if the food is good). It’s not something I’d like to do every night, but it’s definitely one of my favourite things to do. There are a few restaurants in Vancouver I really want to check out. Needless to say, I will fill you all in once I’ve been and eaten.



teen angst

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As Halloween is fast approaching, I was searching the internet for costumes and I came across this-


My So-Called Life


My So-Called Life was one of my favourite TV shows growing up. I was in love with Jordan Catalano and just generally loved the show. I bought the box set last year and watched them repeatedly! Unfortunately, there are only 19 episodes as it got cancelled prematurely *tear*. I was devastated! I’m pretty sure I was too young to actually relate to most of the issues Angela faced, but I still really enjoyed it. I love the grunge look-Doc Martens, plaid shirts, flowery dresses over tights with thigh high socks (still can’t let these go!). I’m not sure why this spread was in the Halloween costume ideas section…I’d wear this on a normal day!

Did I mention I’m dressing up as a Cheerleader Vampire for Halloween? I bought the costume (minus fangs and fake blood) yesterday, now I just have to perfect my makeup techniques for the undead! Maybe I should start watching “True Blood”, or even better-

One...two...three...four...ha ha ha ha



p is for perfect

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I wrote a quick advertisement for my room that I’m moving out of (I’m not sure if I mentioned this already, but I’m moving house at the start of December). I wanted to put the ad on a “moving to Vancouver” website so any travelers coming over here would see it and hopefully take it! It’s not really my responsibility to fill the room, but I want to do all I can to help. Anyway, I just received an email back from the site administrator thanking me for being the first person to submit a perfect ad-meaning one where he didn’t have to email back for more details they’d left out. It seems strange, but receiving that email tonight made me feel really good! Even though it’s just something small (a perfectly written room advertisement on a website is hardly something to print off and save in your “life achievements” box envelope).  However, hearing the word perfect is pretty satisfying! It’s not a word people use very often.

Confession: When I said all the leaves were brown, it was a lie. The leaves in Vancouver have turned the most beautiful colour. First they went orange, then golden yellow and now some of them have turned bright pink! There is one particular street near my house that is tree lined and it looks pretty spectacular with all the pink leaves. Pictures to follow…




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It was Canadian Thanksgiving last weekend-they have it earlier than the US for some reason…I’m sure I could easily find out why…

Anyway, I had 2 Thanksgiving dinners to attend-one with a new group of Irish people that have adopted me, and the other with my housemates. Both were a lot of fun! It was SO nice to have a proper home cooked meal (we had turkey both days). I’m pretty bored of cooking for myself and I’m longing for a meal to be cooked for me. My housemate Chad did a really awesome job of cooking dinner for everyone. We all had friends over-I think there was about 18 of us in total and nobody went hungry! It reminded me a bit of Christmas, which made me a little homesick. However, it was really nice to have people to share not one, but two Thanksgiving dinners with. For that I am thankful.





fright night

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Halloween is just around the corner-one of my favourite times of year! I love dressing up, I love going out, I love all the decorations & I love scary movies! Pretty much everything about Halloween I love. A fairground near my house has an annual Fright Night (it goes on for 2 weeks so it’s more than one night) where they decorate everything with scary things, have haunted houses & have actors running around in make up and costume.


It was fun and it really got me in the mood for Halloween festivities! Did I mention Vancouver is getting cold? I had a hat and cardigan on! Some interesting facts about the fairground (it’s called the PNE) is that it is the oldest fairground in Canada and their (wooden!) roller coaster was built in 1958!! It’s also been featured in a few movies. I didn’t really realize it before I came here, but SO many movies and tv shows are filmed in Vancouver. It’s the Hollywood of Canada! I’ve been out in Gastown some nights and the streets are closed off for shooting. It’s pretty exciting! Anyway, back to the roller coaster. I have always said there is no way I’m going on a roller coaster, made of wood, that was built in 1958. I kind of changed my mind this time and we stood in line for it. It actually broke down though before we even got to the top of the line (I breathed a sigh of relief).



Halloween is just over a week away and I just decided on my costume today. Well, I think I have-vampire cheerleader. Now to find a cheerleader’s outfit that fits!



all the leaves are brown

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Autumn has arrived! Unfortunately for me, autumn is Vancouver means rain, rain & more rain! The leaves have turned golden orange and the temperature has dropped. I love wrapping up in scarves, hats and cardigans so I don’t mind! I do however, mind the rain 🙁 I’d better get used to it though.

My friend Bobby was visiting 2 weekends ago. He’s been travelling in South and Central America so he thought he’d stop by Vancouver on his way home! While he was here he introduced me to lots of fabulous people who have have been very good to me and have taken me under their wing! I feel like I’m befriending more & more Irish people the longer I’m here! While he was here, we went on a hike to Deep Cove-which is where I’ve been kayaking twice. After the hike, we had a doughnut from Honey Doughnuts-they’re a famous cafe in Deep Cove. The doughnut was really yummy. It had a maple glaze on it! I had another yesterday too!

People keep warning me about the cold weather here. A woman in work who is from Winnipeg-where it gets incredibly cold, said that she found the cold here unbearable. Apparently the damp cold penetrates through you. I’m worried! Time to stock up on thermals and layers! I’m just hoping for lots and lots of snow!




the end of summer

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Since my last post (the blog procrastination monster strikes again), summer has gone, autumn has arrived, I’ve got a new job and I’m going to be moving house in a month! Summer went out with a bang. Jeremy came to visit and we had a really great, action packed few days. Cycling in Stanley Park, kayaking, nice food. Just generally fun times! Vancouver had great weather that weekend too! We ate at  in Gastown on one of the days. It’s a seafood restaurant and the setting is really beautiful-open bay windows & white tablecloths. I had some oysters (they have an oyster happy hour where you can buy individual oysters for cheaper). They were the nicest oysters I’ve ever eaten! They were also the perfect size for me-I find larger oysters pretty hard to stomach, but these were perfect little mouthfuls. I’m sure we did some other fun things but since I was a lazy blogger, I can’t remember now 🙂 It was awhile ago! It was cool having a visitor in Vancouver that I could show around.

I started a new job 3 weeks ago at the stadium here in Vancouver-BC Place. I’m enjoying it so far. It’s definitely helping me feel more at home here now that I have a job that’s a bit longer term (I hope). I’m also moving house at the start of December. Living with 5 people is getting a bit tiresome, and I also want to try to get a little closer to Downtown. Living in the suburbs can be a bit frustrating on nights out if I have to get a taxi back alone. I’m looking forward to the change-I’ll be living with 2 Irish girls in a basement suite. I viewed the place on Friday and I got a good feel from it. The girls seem fun and they were really friendly-offering me a cup of tea, OF COURSE! Cliché! I’m not particularly looking forward to packing up my stuff, but I don’t think I have too much. I have a few friends with cars so I’ll enlist one of them to help me bring everything. I really miss driving I realized today. It’s been 4.5 months! Actually, that’s a lie-I’ve driven a little in Portland, but not much! I need to look into getting an international drivers licence and maybe rent a car for a weekend trip.

It’s taken 5 months, but I think I’m finally totally settled in my new life in Vancouver…for the time being anyway!