le marché st. george {i’m in love}

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Le Marché St. George

Le Marché St. George via coffeefoodies.com

As I mentioned, the highlight of my weekend was meeting the girls for tea. This wasn’t any ordinary tea date, it was one that was set in a place I can only describe as a hidden gem of Vancouver. Vancouver is full of chain coffee shops-there are about 5 Starbucks within a 1 mile radius of my house! It’s really exciting to discover somewhere like this. In my opinion, Le Marché St. George is perfection. It is a breath of fresh air.

The cafe is located on St George St/28th Street in East Vancouver. This area is totally residential which makes Le Marché St. George even more unique as there is nothing else like it nearby. The wooden facade is weather beaten, but this only adds to it’s charm! Inside is a rustic cafe/market shop that stocks items such as Eiffel Tower shaped pasta, squid ink pasta, teas etc.


Inside (via Amers)

There are only really 3 tables inside, but it wasn’t very busy so we were able to occupy ours for a couple of hours-eating, drinking tea & chatting. I ordered two macaroons-raspberry/lemon & pistachio. The woman who makes them was delivering them just as we arrived, so we hit the jackpot! Any earlier and we would have missed them. I had Earl Grey to start with-one of my favourite teas. As with most cafes of this style, the cups & saucers were mismatched and antique. I love this idea, and I have a collection of these types of cups at home. There is something a bit special & elegant about drinking tea from a china teacup & saucer!


Teacups (via Amers)

We sat and chatted, and ordered more tea (my 2nd round was Jasmine pearl tea). It was very fragrant & floral which I don’t usually like, but I enjoyed this. (not as much as the Early Grey though). They also serve savory food-quiche & flat breads etc. which I will definitely try next time. Eventually the sun had set, it was freezing outside and we all realized we would have to leave our Parisienne hideout and return to Sunday night reality! I am so happy to have discovered this place. It is really exciting to know that there are places like this, waiting to be discovered in Vancouver. Sometimes I feel like there are hardly any quaint places, or a cool, grimy underbelly here but this just reaffirms my belief that there is, you just need to go that extra bit further to seek it out.

Darkness falls

via Amers

I will definitely be returning to Le Marché St. George for tea & macaroons very soon-sounds delightful!