the rosé & the prawn

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My last trip to Portland was about a month ago and it was filled with all the usual things I love about it-great company, delicious food & some (ok, maybe a little more than some) drinks. We went for sushi-no, let me rephrase that-we went for the BEST sushi I’ve ever eaten at Unfortunately, I don’t really like saké, I don’t know enough about it and I’ve tried some that are just too strong for me. Zilla has a really impressive saké menu though! I instead opted for a teeny bopper, flavoured drink that was kind of like a Japanese Smirnoff Ice (I had asked for flavoured saké which I’ve seen on TV) but the waitress kind of fobbed me off with this. Anyway, the hamachi nigiri melted in my mouth like butter-sooo good.  The roll had really thinly sliced pieces of lemon in them-including the rind. This gave a powerful lemon flavor that was really fresh without being overpoweringly zesty!

Zilla Saké

During the trip we also ate a Bar Lola which is a really nice tapas restaurant. They have a really simple salad of really thinly sliced romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, croutons & a really tangy, lemony vinagerette. It’s so simple, but so delicious. I tried to recreate it when I got home but it wasn’t the same. They also have prawns (I don’t usually like prawns) but these prawns are drenched in garlicky, spicy oil & butter so I can’t resist have one. The star of the show for me this time was the wine I was drinking. I ordered a glass of rosé and when the waitress brought the glass to the table, I thought she’d gotten my order wrong. The rosé was a deep ruby colour! It was very pretty! After dinner we went to a bar nearby which was definitely my type of bar. It was a kind of dive bar,  that was playing music I was really into. The bar tender was really friendly and the drinks were cheap. They also had a photo booth! Definitely took advantage of that and have some funny snaps from later in the night.

I love eating out (if the food is good). It’s not something I’d like to do every night, but it’s definitely one of my favourite things to do. There are a few restaurants in Vancouver I really want to check out. Needless to say, I will fill you all in once I’ve been and eaten.