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As Halloween is fast approaching, I was searching the internet for costumes and I came across this-


My So-Called Life


My So-Called Life was one of my favourite TV shows growing up. I was in love with Jordan Catalano and just generally loved the show. I bought the box set last year and watched them repeatedly! Unfortunately, there are only 19 episodes as it got cancelled prematurely *tear*. I was devastated! I’m pretty sure I was too young to actually relate to most of the issues Angela faced, but I still really enjoyed it. I love the grunge look-Doc Martens, plaid shirts, flowery dresses over tights with thigh high socks (still can’t let these go!). I’m not sure why this spread was in the Halloween costume ideas section…I’d wear this on a normal day!

Did I mention I’m dressing up as a Cheerleader Vampire for Halloween? I bought the costume (minus fangs and fake blood) yesterday, now I just have to perfect my makeup techniques for the undead! Maybe I should start watching “True Blood”, or even better-

One...two...three...four...ha ha ha ha



fright night

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Halloween is just around the corner-one of my favourite times of year! I love dressing up, I love going out, I love all the decorations & I love scary movies! Pretty much everything about Halloween I love. A fairground near my house has an annual Fright Night (it goes on for 2 weeks so it’s more than one night) where they decorate everything with scary things, have haunted houses & have actors running around in make up and costume.


It was fun and it really got me in the mood for Halloween festivities! Did I mention Vancouver is getting cold? I had a hat and cardigan on! Some interesting facts about the fairground (it’s called the PNE) is that it is the oldest fairground in Canada and their (wooden!) roller coaster was built in 1958!! It’s also been featured in a few movies. I didn’t really realize it before I came here, but SO many movies and tv shows are filmed in Vancouver. It’s the Hollywood of Canada! I’ve been out in Gastown some nights and the streets are closed off for shooting. It’s pretty exciting! Anyway, back to the roller coaster. I have always said there is no way I’m going on a roller coaster, made of wood, that was built in 1958. I kind of changed my mind this time and we stood in line for it. It actually broke down though before we even got to the top of the line (I breathed a sigh of relief).



Halloween is just over a week away and I just decided on my costume today. Well, I think I have-vampire cheerleader. Now to find a cheerleader’s outfit that fits!