boring jazz & lemon heaven

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Last weekend ended up being a pretty fun weekend. I was busy from Thursday through Sunday which really kept my mind off missing everyone at home. On Thursday night, I went back to the local Mexican Restaurant El Barrio ( They have live music there every Thursday, and it’s kind of become a bit of a tradition now (does 4 times count as tradition?). This particular Thursday was Jazz music and to be honest, it wasn’t great. I was really tired after work, and the music was pretty mellow…so much so that I almost fell asleep. Friday was pretty chilled out, I just stayed in and watched Kill Bill with my housemates. I hadn’t watched it in ages, and I had forgotten how much I like it. My favourite scene is the fight between Uma Thurman & Lucy Liu in the snow.

On Saturday, my housemate Rob drove us to Lynn Valley River. We just sat by the river, and the boys jumped off some rocks into it! It looked freezing though, so I gave it a miss. I just posed (badly) on a rock for a picture next to the river!

Sunday brought the PNE. If you live in Vancouver, you’ll know what the PNE is. Everyone talks about it, and asks if you’re going or if you’ve been. It stands for Pacific National Exhibition and it’s about 10 minutes walk from my house. I decided to check it out-it was a roasting day, and I wanted to do something outdoors. The PNE is basically a fairground which also has lots of food stalls (serving mainly deep fried food), livestock shows (including a piglet race squeeeee!) and an exhibition that sells everything from the TV infomercials. It is basically a day out where you spend lots of money, quickly. It was nice to walk around, and we got cute little mini doughnuts and delicious fresh Lemonade from a company called “Lemon Heaven”. I’m not really into going on scary fairground rides so I avoided those but it was definitely a fun day out. I don’t think I’d be in a rush to go back though. One of the highlights of the day for me was getting to see Alpacas in the flesh (my only experience of them is their wool keeping me oh so warm in winter). They didn’t seem very sociable-probably too busy listening to “My Bloody Valentine”.


Emo Alpacas

By Sunday night I felt pretty happy that I’d squeezed the most out of my weekend. I even got a bike ride in on Friday afternoon and discovered a cute little park near my house. Once I realized it was Sunday night and I hadn’t missed home at all over the few days, I started to miss home…

Amers x