autumn {fall} want

September 8th, 2011 Posted in fashion, wants | No Comments »

I’m still not quite sure where I’m going with this blog…it’s a good way for me to keep track of my gallivanting overseas and also keep my friends and family in the loop. I do however want to share some “wants” from time to time and this week my want is:

Thigh Highs

Thigh High Socks

This website gives some great ideas on how to wear them-

I buy a pair every Autumn/Fall in the hope I can pull them off, but I never end up wearing them (except to fancy dress parties). I’m not sure if my legs are long & slender enough, but a girl can dream. I love all of those outfit ideas, especially the “Rock Collection Dress” from Check out their blog-

Maybe after a few more cycles & kayaking trips I’ll be rocking out in my thigh highs in Vancouver…

Amers x